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Distance makes you long for love. Life sometimes gives us sudden surprises. Suddenly our dear ones depart us to distant places. Distance is just a number. Distance does not really reduce true love. It actually increases the intimacy between lovers though they are distant. Say to your dear bestie how much you miss her with our cute "I Miss You Bestie" Quotes, Images, facebook status pictures that are in this page.

I Miss You Quotes for Bestie
I Miss You My Best Friend Image
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I hope that the distance is just a challenge to the friendship that we share, I’m bedazzled by you now. I miss braiding your hair, having sleep overs, being together all day, I’m intoxicated by you, best friend.

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I Miss You Guys
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You have been my best friend since we were kids so what happened to cause us to part ways?

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I Miss You Dear
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I wonder what happened between us, what caused us to drift apart from each other, my friend.

Together we were unstoppable so I miss you now that we are no longer together, my friend.

I Miss You bestie Poems
I Miss You Friend
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Being with you is practically the best part of my life, I’m bedazzled by you so much, my dear best friend.

I miss those days when you were just a call away, my dear best friend. I wish I had you here with me so that I can tell you how hard it is without you.

If I can have one of my wishes come true, it would be to be able to see you once again.

For people with real love, no distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the love between them. When you and your bestie know each other how much love you both have for each other, how could time and distance separate you. But still you may experience a pain of missing her/him. Express that feeling to your partner with our lovely collection of "I Miss You Bestie Quotes, Images", given here in this section.

I wish I was there for you during the first time you kissed a boy, I’m intoxicated by you, my best friend.

I miss going out on adventures just like we had always done, I’m bedazzled by you, my dear best friend.

You are my best friend, the one I spent so many hours with, the one I will always miss.

I wish you were not halfway across the world right now and I am able to be with you, friend.

Dear best friend, why did you have to leave town right now of all days, I will surely miss you.

You are the only person I tell all of my secrets to, I wish you were here with me, I’m bedazzled by you.

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.

Being your friend is such a joy. You’re one of the few people who can give me such love and happiness. I miss you.

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